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The Groene Tunnel (the green tunnel) in Amsterdam

Information summary:

The Groene Tunnel is a 35-meter-wide canal dug between the filled Haveneiland and Grote Rieteiland in the residential area of IJburg in the eastern part of Amsterdam.

The canal crosses the district from northwest to southeast. The connection to the IJmeer is ensured in the northwest by the Hippopotamus Lock , which is part of the flood defense of all islands on IJburg. In the southeast, the Green Tunnel connects to the Hollandiagracht and the lock on this canal.

On the northeastern bank, the Dwarsgracht and Profiltigracht open onto the Green Tunnel.

In order to improve the water quality in the canal, and increase local biodiversity, the municipally of Amsterdam initiated eco-engineering projects in the neighbourhood . Nautilus Eco-solutions bv, as contractor and constructor, plants 5000 m2 Aqua-Flora® Mats in the Groene Tunnel.

The action brings the neighbour more greenish, improve living environment quality and arouses citizens environmental protection awareness and boosting the economic value of the surrounding area.

The Groene Tunnel has developed into an accommodation which is regarded as 100% ecoluxe. The perfect balance luxury and ecological lifestyle is attracting more and more people and generate a great deal of financial benefits to local community.

Information source: Wikepedia, De Groene Tunnel

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