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The European Green Cities/Sites Development Foundation values the ecosystem services that nature provides. Therefore, our effort goes to enabling Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) both in urban areas and on industrial sites. NbS revolves around the concept of co-benefit. This means that one integrated NbS has the capacity to bring along various benefits for the environment. The NbS approach of the Foundation shows a holistic way of thinking about solving multiple problems through one solution and uses the natural process of the ecosystem which is dynamic and adjusts itself to the environment. They are effective, long-term, cost-efficient and globally scalable. 


The capability of nature-based solutions cover a wide range of topics namely but not limited to, phytoremediation, water purification, coastal protection, air purification, urban cooling, landscape recreation, carbon storage, food production, energy production, habitat and biodiversity conservation. 


The foundation focuses on collecting and sharing examples of green city projects and innovative concepts, engaging with interest groups and stakeholders, collaborating on the realization of green city designs, co-researching and training future generations and policy makers.


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Nan Su


Tanja van der Veen

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​Lida Schelwald

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Margreet van Gastel

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Operations & Development

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Yinyin Liu MSC

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Laura Quadros Aniche

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