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Sustainable Land 

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Sustainable Land Matters Podcast is a platform for conversations about sustainable land management. We are Nan Su and Elze-Lia Visser, two passionate hosts with a mission to spread awareness and knowledge about land conservation, climate change, and other important topics. We invite you to join us on a journey of exploration and education as we discuss the most pressing issues of our time. Through our podcast, we hope to inspire, connect and empower people to take action and create a more sustainable future.

Episode #1

In the episode, we are joined by our guests Frank Swartjes and Ruud Cino. We talk about the role of (healthy) soil in our society and we discuss the challenge of finding a balance between sustainability, soil usage and economic demands, and we get a glimpse of what it is like when scientists and policymakers collaborate. 

Our guests
Frank Swartjes

Expert soil pollution from the Netherlands national institute of public health and the environment (RIVM)

Ruud Cino

Deputy director strategy new energy system at the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate 

Ruud Cino, Frank Swartjes, Nan Su & Augustin SchobertArtist Name
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Episode #2

Frederic is professor of Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology at Cranfield University. In this episode we talk about career choices, mentoring and of course the healthy soil strategy. We also learn about some interesting choices Fred made at the beginning of his career! 

It was a pleasure speaking to you, Fred, and thank you for being the first guest on our podcast!

Our guest
Professor Frederic Coulon

Cranfield University

Frederic Coulon
00:00 / 20:08
Episode #3
In this episode, we dive right into the concept of "healthy" soil and how this concept differs between regions. Together with our guests Maria and Tim we learn why the composition of soil and being aware of what is in the ground is crucial for our health. 
Our guests
Professor Timothy M. Vogel

Université Claude Bernard Lyon1
Environmental Microbial Genomics École Centrale de Lyon

Université de Lyon

Maria Tovilla Coutino

Project manager EiCLaR 

Centrale Innovation, Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Université de Lyon


Maria Tovilla, Timothy M. Vogel & Nan Su
00:00 / 20:57
Episode #4
In this episode, Natalia shares her journey from studying Biology to becoming a policy officer at the Food Agriculture Organization. Natalia has a deep-rooted passion for soil, and she sheds light on the importance of taking a holistic approach to address the challenges posed by continuous urbanization and its impact on soil. We will discuss the interconnectedness between soil, food security, and overall environmental well-being. 
Our guest
Natalia Rodriguez Eugenio

Land and Water Officer at Food Agriculture Organization (FAO)


Natalia Rodriguez Eugenio
00:00 / 26:30
Episode #5
Episode #5 is recorded, and we cannot wait to share the final version with you. Stay tuned!
Our guest
Adrian Bridge

CEO and Chairman of The Fladgate Partnership


Adrian Bridge
00:00 / 31:55
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