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European Green Cities/Sites Development Foundation Membership 

Green Cities Network

The Green Cities Foundation is embedded in a network with companies, local municipalities and universities who strive to create the green cities of the future. Nature-Based Solutions are a central part of this journey. Together with its partners, the foundation has already realised projects like green roofs, gardens and sponge cities (see partner projects for more information). The Geen Cities Foundation strives to continue and grow into a resilient netwerk to tackle the (urban) climate challenges in todays world.


Become a member, join the green city network!



  • Become part of green cities network of technicians, architects, engineers, consultants, green city experts, and university professors specialised in the know-how behind the cities of the future. 

  • 2 or 3 technical meetings per year

  • Regular E-news of information update for related best practice and EU/countries policy development

  • 1 per year excursion to visit best practice European Green cities 

  • Extend your technical knowledge

  • Facilitate members exchange of knowledge provide learning opportunities 


Yearly membership fee:



For more information about the membership, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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