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Yinyin Liu

Elena Marie Enseñado

Yinyin Liu is a senior landscape architect and urban planner who has been working at OKRA since 2018. Specialising in urban planning, ecological and water landscape design at different scales, she incorporates Eastern and Western philosophy, cultures and ecological knowledge in her work.

Representative work (summarized)

  • Renovation of the Green tower in Bajes Kwartier Amsterdam (2018)

  • Vision 2040 for the Water and Biodiversity for the Hart van Holland (2017)

  • The coastal city of Semarang in Indonesia (2017-2018)

  • A 100-hectare Wetland Part Restoration project in Yuxi, Yunnan Province (pilot project for Sponge City 2017, currently under construction)

  • Design & project management of the 2016 International Horticultural Expo (Tangshan), which won Jury Golden Award, for the profound translation of the dynamic Asian system, grafting a good understanding for the east and the west.

  • Wageningen University & Research, Master’s Degree honorary thesis of research and design in ecological aesthetics of water (2012)


Rani Izhar

Elena Marie Enseñado currently works as an Urban Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change specialist at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies. Her thematic interests include climate change and environmental planning, learning for socio-technical transitions and social-ecological resilience, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions,

vulnerability assessments using participatory methods, and participatory decision making using multiple criteria analysis.


Recently, she has worked on nature-based solution projects in the Philippines and Colombia to address disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, peace building, and community resilience.

Laura Quadros Aniche.jpg

Laura Quadros Aniche

Rani Izhar is a project leader and associate at OKRA. He is driven to find and promote sustainable solutions to complex public realm situations, adding value for the users and designing flexible public spaces that can accommodate future social and environmental demands. He has a wide experience in stakeholders’ engagement and communication in big project groups for large-scale complex urban projects. This experience, along with his education as an architect and furniture maker, gives him the ability to think from the strategic level to the execution of plans and their small details.

Rani earned a Master’s degree in architecture from the Delft University of Technology. He joined OKRA in 2013 following his work in internationally renowned design practises. At OKRA he manages several project teams.

Laura Quadros Aniche is an Urban Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change specialist. She works on education, advisory, and research on urban sustainability and governance at IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her expertise includes environment and climate change governance, nature-based solutions, ecosystem services, climate resilience, participatory decision making and legitimacy, water management, and urban renewal.

Laura holds a Masters (cum laude) in Urban Management and Development at IHS, an MBA in Real Estate Business and Civil Construction Management, and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning.

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