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What we do

Connection with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Nature-Based Solutions and the UNSDGs 


The mission of the Foundation is connected to Goal 11 of the UN SDGs, which focuses on “sustainable cities and communities”. 



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Cities and metropolitan areas are the driving force for economic growth, and at the same time also one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. Therefore, the challenge is to develop cities in such a way that they become resilient to the environment around them. 


Resilient cities are cities which can adapt to different climate circumstances and human-made disasters, while at the same time preserve its livability. 


Based on the targets of Goal 11, and the expertise of the Foundations’ experts we offer several services to realize successful collaborations in the journey towards climate resilient cities.


Information Sharing & Exchange 

The European Green City/Sites Development Foundation publishes weekly articles on environmental related issues, like, NbS, urban green development and more. We also organize webinars to share information and awareness. 


Network & Matchmaking

The Foundation uses its extensive network of experts, researchers, engineers and designers, brings together the relevant stakeholders and facilitates collaborations between them. 



We provide training and guidance on the topic of Nature-Based Solutions.  

  • What are exactly NbS?

  • Is it worth investing in NbS? 

  • How can you best implement NbS as a local government? 

  • How do you implement NbS on a large scale? 


Governance Support

The Foundation provides government support in decision-making on topics of: 

  • Nature-Based Solutions

  • Urban agriculture 

  • Urban green development 


These topics cover a wide range of issues which local governments deal with in urban areas, such as: 

  • Excess water

  • Water contamination 

  • Heat stress

  • Air pollution

  • Lack of biodiversity


We offer personally tailored advice, training and workshops to guide and assist local governments in their journey to sustainable city development. 


Consultancy (Concept, Design, Engineering)

The Foundation manages collaborations and facilitates guidance from the start of the match-making process to the final outcome of the project. We seek to find the right partners to realize a tailored-made proposal, which fit your interest and tackles the problems you face by using Nature-Based Solutions.  


Research & Development 

The team of experts of the Foundation conducts research in the field of green urban development, green tech, futuristic green innovative solutions and we also share updates about green developments in The Netherlands and China. Check out our articles!

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