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Singelpark Gouda - Excellent combination of Nature-based solution and public engagement

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Project information (kindly provided by Nautilus Eco-solutions bv):

Singel park in Gouda is a citizen initiative to increase the liveability in their living environment. Citizens in Gouda bring parties together to jointly create a continuous Singelpark around the centre of Gouda. It offers a platform for residents, entrepreneurs, companies, organisations and municipalities together to contribute in their own way.

The policy in the Netherlands makes this initiative by residents feasible. It fits in with the citizen participation polity of both national and local government level. Working in this way, not only does it boost working efficiency, but also create the sense of ownership to local community.

In order to fulfil resident’s pursuit, the community ask exerts in the field of urban development to design and pan Singelpark Gouda. They are now submitting the plan to the municipality and other stakeholders. such as local residents, housing organisations and adjacent companies, as well as entrepreneurs, companies and associations. The implementation will take place in parts. Parties from the neighbourhood will be involved as much as possible and asked to contribute in their own way.

The Singelpark has three functions, “To connect”, “Greening” and “Marvel”. Firstly, it serves as a meeting place and also recreational playground for the neighbourhood. It also connects greenery, history and water together. Secondly, the green space ensures the purification of the air and the conversion of CO2 to oxygen. Additionally, it will also prolongate the rainwater retention time to release the draining pressure in peak raining hours, as well as limits heat islands and damping noise. Greenery ensures a healthy and pleasant living environment. Thirdly, they want to amaze people by the harmony maintained between residential area and the nature, inspire people to put more appreciation to the nature and pursuing the balance.

Nautilus eco-solutions bv, as an expert in constructed wetland constructions and eco-engineering, was also involved in this beautiful initiative. From March 2020 onwards, they plant five Aqua-Flora Floatlands with the dimension of 7,5x1,5m to help habitat flora and fauna. Detailed information about this project can be found in the table above.

By applying Aqua-Flora products, Nautilus eco-solutions bv is enabling the Nature-based solution, not only beautifying surrounding area, but also increase the resilience to our urban environment.

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