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Nautilus - Lindtsedijk loose plants in Heerjansdam

  • Place: Heerjansdam

  • Client: GKB Realisatie bv

  • Application: Aqua-Flora plants

  • Species: Diverse

Commissioned by GKB Realisatie bv, Nautilus Ecosolutions bv were allowed to install Aqua-Flora® plants in Heerjansdam on the Lindtsedijk  .

The following species have been placed, also named after the format;

  • Frog bite, loose

  • Water lily P11

  • Little Cattail P9

  • Large Hedgehog Head P9

  • Yellow watercress P9

  • Swamp forget-me-not P9

  • Water coin P9

Some time after installation, it was decided to install an anti-corrosion construction. In particular, there were geese in the area, which pulled, trampled, tramped, trampled loose plantings without any effort.

The first picture was taken immediately after the loose planting was placed. The second photo clearly shows that geese are present. As a result, it has been decided to place anti-irritant. As can be seen in the photos afterwards. The planting is already catching on in certain places.

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