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Join the Two-Day Mission at the International Horticultural Exhibition Floriade 2022

Organised by the European Green Cities/Sites Development Foundation 

Presentation - Floriade Expo 2022 -2_edited_edited.jpg

What is the Floriade? 

Once in 10 years, one of the largest horticultural exhibitions takes place in The Netherlands. The 7th edition takes place in the beautiful Almere with this years theme: "Growing Green Cities". At The Floriade, both national and international participants show the most unique, new and innovative solutions to the challenges cities face in todays world. 

What is the mission about?

The two-day mission of the EU Green Cities Foundation goes hand in hand with the central theme 'Growing Green Cities'. During the two-day mission you will visit several international pavilions (Belgium, Chinese, Dutch, and more). At the pavilions you can expect workshops and presentations about themes such as heat stress, water/rain problems, loss of biodiversity and air pollution. We want to share our integrated and holistic approach in solving urban challenges. We focus on the use of Nature-Based Solutions and the use of green in our goal build resilient cities of the future!

For whom is this mission suitable?

Are you a research institute, local government, urban planner/architect, or company with the ambitions of going green? Then this mission can be interesting for you!


Besides the various workshops and presentations, there will also be a lunch and dinner included where you can connect and meet people with similar ambitions and share your ideas with each other. 


For the detailed program, click on the button below to view the flyer

Would you like more information, or like to ask questions? Do not hesitate to contact us! 

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