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Planting liquorice for afforestation with high economic benefits

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Elion Resources Group has been working on converting degrade land into oasis for the past 30 years! With continuous technology innovation, Elion has development several desert control technologies such as wind direction data afforestation methods, cold, drought, saline resistant plants, drone planting etcetera. So far, Elion Resource Group has greened more than 6000 square kilometers of desert and accumulated 15.4 million tons of carbon sequestration.

One of their outstanding technologies is to plant liquorice for sand fixation. Liquorice is high economical value species. As one of the famous Chinese herb, it can be used as the raw materials of many medicines. In the same time, as a species that is very resistant to extreme weather, it shows great adaptivity in the desert area. Elion has been planting liquorice for afforestation in the beginning. However, their planting technology is also improving day by day. Since the end of the 1990s, Elion Resources Group has used “translational cultivation method” to interplant liquorice. By vertically planting, a liquorice can only green 0.1 square meter of desert; however, after applying the translation method, the liquorice grows horizontally, and a liquorice can green 1m2of desert, with is 10 times higher than before, largely improves the greening efficiency.

Besides, they also developed drone planting technology, where drone is applied to do “precision tree planting”. Drone shoots germinated seeds into the soil with high air pressure, so that the seeds are packed into pods where ample nutrients are there to ensure survival of the seeds. After planting tree, drone can also inspect and monitor the restoration of vegetation.

NASA realised a picture on February 2019, reported the world is greener compared to 20 years ago, thanks to China and India. As it’s reported, taken all together, the greening of the planet over the last two decades represents an increase in leaf area on plants and trees equivalent to the area covered by all the Amazon rainforests. There are now more than two million square miles of extra green leaf area per year, compared to the early 2000s – which amounts to a 5% increase. The result shows that the area where Elion Resources Group has been working for over the past 30 years shows distinguished greenish, thanks to the great commitment and innovation on afforestation!

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