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 Enabling Nature-Based Solutions


Enabling Nature-Based Solutions

European Green City Development Foundation

Develop urban resilience in the events of extreme weather conditions through Nature Based Solutions

Climate Adaption

Connect blue green network to enhance ecosystem services through Nature Based Solutions

Blue Green Network

Build healthy environment and maintain biodiversity through Nature Based Solutions

Health & Biodiversity

Apply urban farming practices, circulate resources and generate sustainable energy through Nature Based Solutions

Food & Energy
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It's estimated that by 2050, two - thirds of the world's population are expected to live in urban areas. However, the fast pace of urbanisation also brings the world new challenges: environmental degradation. Poor water and air quality, urban Heat Island effect, high energy consumption are severely challenging human well - being and environment quality. 


Under this crisis, European Green Cities/Sites Foundation is established to share the knowledge on strengthening the harmony between civilisation and the environment. We strive to build up "Green Cities", that using nature - based solutions to alleviate the environmental pressure brought by urbanisation. 

Green Cities” is a broad concept that covers the physical infrastructure of buildings, water, and food, and so on. Equally important are social issues such as societal demands for health, wellbeing, trust, and community. What is more, “Green Cities’ should not be seen as a set of static indicators but a dynamic development process that needs to respond to the changing societal challenges. This process requires knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. And this is where the strengths of European Green City Design Foundation lie on, as the team has already been working in this area for more than 15 years.

The conceptual model for Green City design.
Source: Green Cities - A strategic roadmap to position top Dutch sectors for metropolitan regions in China, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Author: Tiffany S.W. Tsui.

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